Katherine Wheatley

How did you get started? Do you play steel or nylon strings?
How important is it to be able to read music? I know these sound like daft questions but I used to play a lot and want to again. Thanks

Katherine Wheatley responded on 03/28/2012

I started with a "Teach yourself to play guitar" song book when i was 13. Songs were "tom Dooley", "skip to my lou" etc. I played a lot of Gordon Lightfoot, James Taylor, Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan...
My second guitar was a nylon string. It's the one I learned to finger pick on. I'm grateful for that. Switched to steel string when I was about 20. Got going with a pick a few years later.
I'd say it's useful to read music, but not necessary. MOre important is a little keyboard theory, or at least understanding the piano a little bit. Where middle C is. How many sharps and flats in various keys. What notes are in a G7 etc. That stuff is handy to know.
I'm thinking of putting together some kind of course that deals with those things...stay tuned.
Thanks so much for your interest. All my best, Katherine

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