Katherine Wheatley

I would really like another CD. I can't seem to find it in this area. I will try Sudbury next week. I am kind of in the bush! Any ideas of where to find it in Sudbury,Ont.??

Katherine Wheatley responded on 08/29/2011

Hello there. I'm jealous. You live in the bush! I'm heading to The French River for a canoe trip this week.
I'm not sure you'll find one of my cds in Sudbury. I think Killarney Park, the store there, has some. Killbear and White Squall as well (I think). You can order from my site using paypal if you like and it'd be mailed to you. Or you can order by sending a cheque. All the info is at http://katherinewheatley.com/buy.html Or if you have internet, 2 of my cds are on itunes. Hope that all helps.
Thanks for listening to my music. Take care, Katherine

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