Katherine Wheatley

are you doing any song writing workshops this summer?

are you appearing at Mariposa Folk Festival?

are you doing any house concerts over the summer?

Katherine Wheatley responded on 06/25/2011

Sorry I'm so late getting this to you. No songwriting workshops this summer. There might be a weekend workshop up in Huntsville in September. I'll know soon. Mariposa is having Wendell and me back. I'm thrilled about it. Line up is fantastic. Includes Emmy Lou Harris. No house concerts this summer. But I am doing an interesting concert in Haliburton. Instead of a "cabin concert", I'll be playing on someone's dock. The audience will be in their canoes and kayaks and boats out on the lake. I'll send out the exact location for that in the next newsletter. Please say "hi" if you make it out to that one. Or any for that matter. Thanks so much for your q's. All my best, Katherine

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