Katherine Wheatley

I was at your Grimsby house concert - loved it by the way! I am also a big Springsteen fan. You mentioned you had been involved in a tribute at some point. Wondering what you played? THX, Murray

Katherine Wheatley responded on 06/25/2011

Hi Murray. I had a great time at the concert in Grimsby. What a beautiful home. I played Springsteen's first song on his first album and last song on his latest (at the time anyway) cd. "Blinded By The Light" and "The Wrestler". I remember my mom scolding me for listening to "Blinded by the light" when I was a kid. I had to press my ear against the speaker and play it low. It's not his best song for sure, but when it came out, I loved it.
Thanks for the q. Take care, Katherine

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