Katherine Wheatley

After an agonising 10-year wait between albums 2 and 3, have you any consolation to offer the sorely deprived that #4 will arrive a little bit quicker?
Is there any chance we'll see you in the UK?

Katherine Wheatley responded on 06/25/2011

You've inspired me to send a link to one of my unreleased songs in my next newsletter. I actually recorded an entire cd back in 2004 that I didn't release. The reasons are too personal to get into...but I do have the songs sitting here. I'll figure out how to make a link to one of them in my next newsletter. It'll be a song with a special UK connection. Thanks for asking. Re. coming to the UK, I'd love to of course. It's been a busy few years, but have spoken often with my agent about how to make that happen. Cheers, Katherine

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