Katherine Wheatley

When are you coming to Haliburton?
Are you still doing the Geology Day with Barrie Martin and the outdoor adventure group this sunmmer?
Would love to join! : )

Katherine Wheatley responded on 06/25/2011

I'll be in Haliburton August 6. I'm doing a show on a dock. The audience will be in their boats, canoes, kayaks, rubber dingys - out on the lake. Not sure what the lake is called, but will find that out. The info will be in my next newsletter. Re. geology day - Barrie has asked me. We still have to figure something out. Again, I'll announce it in next newsletter. So sorry for being so darn long answering this. I hadn't quite figured this out til today...i.e. the fanbridge question thing. Thanks for the q. All my best, Katherine

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