Katherine Wheatley

Hey Katherine...hope you get this. Late in letting you know how much I enjoyed the course at Halliburton .... so so glad I changed courses! Was talking to my niece Lisa (Butler) who lives in Guelph and found out that she took your choir a few years ago...that string just keeps going (a song?) Richard wanted you to know that he found a word for "kiss my freckled hand" ... instead of 'bar' what about 'gym'....he wracked his brain on that one! I see you are off to the mighty north...enjoy and enjoy!

Katherine Wheatley responded on 11/14/2017

Hi Lynn, I'm just visiting this website now and found this email from you. What a nice coincidence that Lisa is your niece. Wow! And I love Richard's idea about the gym and the story about the men walking counter-clockwise around the gym. It would make a great intro to the song. I'll have to spend time with it, see if I can make it work.
Greenland was wonderful. Breathtaking. Good weather was with us the whole time. Hope to see you again soon.
All the best, Katherine

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