Katherine Wheatley

Also, I have some excel spread sheets that I have developed over the years to study scales, chords, for guitar, Uke, Mandolin, Bass, etc.
You may find them useful for teaching. I tried sending them as an email attachment, but they did not go. If you are interested, let me know how to send them.
George Nicholl gnicholl0814@gmail.com

Katherine Wheatley responded on 11/14/2017

HI George,
I hope you've been enjoying Guelph. It's a great place for music.
I would love to see the spread sheets. Not sure how you can send them...maybe as pdfs? I'm not tech savvy I'm afraid. My email: katherinewheatley4@gmail.com
Or I can stop by Woolwich some time. Let me know if that'd work.
Cheers, Katherine

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