Katherine Wheatley

Hi Katherine, not sure if you remember me from the gadventures cruise from Leith to Spitzbergen in June/July 2013.
I purchased your CD and play it often and get a lot of comments from others about their enjoyment of it too.
Thought I would see if there are any others available so googled the address from the back of the CD cover.
Hope all is well with you. Regards Jenny Gold

Katherine Wheatley responded on 01/04/2015

Hi Jenny,
I got your order this morning, and suspected it was you. I couldn't remember your last name.
I've only met a few Jenny's on board. Thanks so much for playing my cd, and for your kind words.
I hope you enjoy the new cd. It's pretty wintery. Lots of "snow" in it. It was hard to not lisp all those ss's.
I sure would love to get down to Australia some day. All my best, and hope to see you again.
Cheers, Katherine

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